Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rice Cooker - The Cleaning Process

Hello, friends! Have you purchase an electric rice cooker and you want to know how to clean it carefully? As we know rice cooker allow us to cook plenty of dishes so it is important to keep it well maintained. Then it is a good idea if you want to know some cool tips about cleaning the rice cooker. In this editorial, you will find the best and accurate way to clean the rice cooker.

Since you know that a rice cooker is an electrical piece of equipment that you purchase from the market for efficient, smooth, and express cooking purpose from the variety of brands available today in hands.

All the brands of the best rice cooker are suitable, durable and use for extended time. As these are electrical and work through the power so before cleaning you must remember that don’t put directly into the water for cleaning this appliance.

So come to the process of cleaning the rice cooker.

What you have to do before cleaning:-
  • Don’t put the whole electrical appliance into the water.
  • Remove the lid and the pot and from the hot plate.
  • Don’t clean it immediately after using let it hot plate to cool for 30 minutes.
  • Eliminate the plug from the socket.
  • Always read the manual instructions from the guide book that is available with all rice cookers.
  • Always prevent your hot plate and rice cooker from the excess chemical solution.
  • Don’t use the rough sponges or scour cleaner for cleaning the stove.

Clean the individual parts of the rice cooker: - If you want to clean the rice cooker quickly and smoothly, then you must first separate the parts of the rice cooker and clean all the individual parts. BY doing this, you can maintain your electrical appliance for long time usage.

  • Firstly remove the inner pot and marinate it for some time then use soap and hot water.
  • If the rice sticks inside the jar, then you must remove it with plastic spoon or spatula before soaking.
  • After that wash all the parts of the rice cooker as soon as pot is soaking.
  • You always remove the lid from the pot like other parts.
  • If the lid is not detachable then clean it carefully with the wipe dip in hot soapy water to remove all the stains.
  • If you are using the dishwasher, then place all the parts separately on the desired area and clean it easily or quickly.
  • When you finish the cleaning and then let them dry for further use.

Inside cleaning of the rice cooker:-

  • IF, there is any deposit still stuck inside the pot then clean it with a soft cotton wipe and dry it properly before using it.
  • IF deposit is very hard to remove then must use the sand paper and scrape it from the hot plate.
  • Don’t use the metal appliance to remove the hard deposit.
  • Use the rough side of the sandpaper to remove the hard deposit, so nothing is left.
  • After that use the wipe to clean the appropriately for the smooth running of the rice cooker.

Outside cleaning of the rice cooker:-

  • Cleaning outside is also very essential to make the rice cooker design in perfect condition in front of other.
  • You can use the cleaning solution to clean the outer parts of the rice cooker.
  • Just spray the solution on the outer part till it clean properly and after that use the soft cloth to smooth the outer area.
  • The cord of the rice cooker also cleans properly, if it is in white or gray color. You can clean the wire using similar way but clean it very smoothly otherwise it can break.

Conclusion: - So this is all about the cleaning process of the rice cooker that everyone must follow those are using such kind of appliances.